About Us

Innovation at the Heart of Everything We Do

At SalesFlowIQ, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Founded in 2023, we empower sales teams with cutting-edge tools that improve productivity, enhance close rates, and accelerate training. We put our customers at the center of our mission, continuously evolving our products to meet their needs. Our vibrant company culture fosters creativity, collaboration, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, helping businesses thrive in today's fast-paced market. We are kids at heart, dreaming of what the future holds.


What we stand for.

Our Core Values: The Pillars of Our Excellence

Be Kind, Have Integrity:

We cultivate a supportive work environment where kindness and integrity are paramount. Treating colleagues and customers with respect is at the core of everything we do.

Fail Fast, Fail Loud:

At SalesFlowIQ, we embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. By openly sharing and learning from mistakes, we build a resilient, innovative team that isn't afraid to take risks.

Continuously Innovate:

Innovation drives us. We push boundaries and encourage creativity, constantly evolving our products to meet the changing needs of our customers in an ever-competitive market.

Prioritize Efficiency, Keep it Simple:

Simplicity and efficiency are key to our success. We streamline processes and eliminate unnecessary complexity, ensuring our solutions remain intuitive and impactful.

Our Team

The founders of SalesFlowIQ boast over 60 years of combined experience in SaaS, with a collective tenure of 10 years working together.

Jason Jones

Jason, CEO and Co-Founder, embodies unwavering commitment to sales excellence and business innovation. Starting at Third Coast Media, he spearheaded ambitious growth initiatives as National Sales Manager. Transitioning to The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, his adept management of large teams and pivotal role in post-merger integration showcased his finesse in complex business landscapes. As Regional Sales Director at Study Island, he excelled in driving expansion within the education technology sector. His VP role at Test Drive Videos underscored his ability to foster startup growth through strategic partnerships. Now leading SalesFlowIQ, Jason pioneers cutting-edge solutions, leveraging his extensive experience in sales consulting and executive leadership at MarketPro Solutions. His visionary leadership positions SalesFlowIQ for continued success in the competitive sales technology landscape.

Kip Young

Kip, COO and Co-Founder of SalesFlowIQ, boasts extensive experience in technology leadership and business development spanning three decades. Beginning as a System Administrator at PRITCHETT, LP, he swiftly rose through the ranks, showcasing his adeptness in technology management. His roles at Springbok Technologies and Third Coast Media honed his skills in IT operations and strategic planning, while his tenure at Reynolds & Reynolds highlighted his prowess in managing hosting operations. Progressing to Vice President roles at Nexa Technologies and Penson Worldwide, Inc., he led large IT teams, driving cost-saving infrastructure projects. As VP of IT Operations at Ambit Energy, he emphasized accountability and quality. Co-founding DoctorLogic, he established the company as a leader in healthcare technology. With his diverse expertise, Kip continues to innovate at SalesFlowIQ, empowering sales teams with cutting-edge solutions.

James Pee

James, CTO of SalesFlowIQ, boasts over two decades of technology leadership and software development expertise. Starting at Lockheed Martin, he excelled as a Software Developer, showcasing innovation at ClearCommerce and ClipsCom. His roles at Southwest Airlines and G Systems further refined his software development skills. At Rapport Technologies and Atrana Solutions, he delivered tailored technology solutions as a top-notch Technology Consultant. His pivotal roles at Scopra and Ambit Energy as Director and VP of Software Development, respectively, underscore his leadership in driving software initiatives at scale. At Ambit Energy, he led teams in crafting cutting-edge software, contributing significantly to company growth.  Now as SalesFlowIQ's CTO, James continues to lead innovative technology solutions, leveraging his extensive experience for business success. His proven track record makes him a valuable asset to any organization.